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Is someone calling you from your phone number +1 170 984 02 34? Or have you noticed a missed call from this subscriber?
Maybe it's an advertisement, a survey, a pizza delivery, or someone just got the wrong number. Then it's all right. But what if scammers are calling?
Experts point out 8 most common ways that phone scammers use to cheat people:
Check out other users' opinions and comments about the calls from the phone number +11709840234. This will keep you from unnecessary communication, save your time and in some cases even money.

If it's not always possible for you to quickly check the calling number online, or if your job involves a lot of phone calls, the following information would be useful for you.
How to identify a scammer if you have already answered the call?
We would be very grateful if you could leave your comments on a call from (170) 984-02-34, even if you did not pick up the phone. For example, tell us how long the phone rang, whether the calls were repeated more than once and what was said in the voicemail messages.
It's good to know that...
You can also specify the time of day you received the call or text message. Calling and texting at an inappropriate time can be a sign of fraud.

All this information will be very useful for those who, like you, will be looking for information on "who calls" from number +1-170-984-02-34.
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Warning! Fraudsters often use numbers that look similar to those of well-known companies or banks. Be careful!
Possible number formats:

+1 170 984 02 34, 1 (170) 984 02 34, +1 170-984-02-34, 1-170-984-02-34, 0011709840234

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Experts point out 8 most common ways that phone scammers use to cheat people:
1. They present themselves as bank employees and tell you that the card has been blocked. Then they ask you to provide an account information to unlock it or transfer your money to the "secure account";

2. They present themselves as the police and warn of an alleged "fraudulent" bank account transaction. Trying to find out your personal information.;

3. Without introducing themselves, they say that something has happened to your relative and that you need to transfer money immediately to solve the problem;

4. They say you have won some cash prize. All you need to get it is give your credit card details;

5. Calling you on behalf of the telecom operator, pretending to check the connection quality or report some problems on the line. They do it to record your voice or gather some of personal information;

6. Calling on behalf of the tax office. Telling you about a non-existent debt and trying to find out your personal data;

7. The phone rings for a few seconds and then gets disconnected. If you call back, the phone account will be charged;

8. Sending SMS with a link to a malicious website.
How to identify a scammer if you have already answered the call?
Be careful if the person you are talking to:

- is putting pressure on you and demanding a quick decision;
- seems displeased if you say that the conversation is being recorded;
- asks you not to tell anyone about this conversation and what he suggests you to do;
- does not hang up and tries to prevent you calling back the real number of the organisation he claims to represent;
It's good to know that...
Fraudsters use special software and devices that allow them to simulate any phone number when making calls.

So don't be surprised when you get a call from your own number :-)

And you'd better not pick up the phone.